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5 September 2017

There are over 13 million children out of school across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Violence and instability jeopardise their futures and leave them vulnerable to the perils of poverty, child marriage, and radicalisation. Education in the region is generally poor. Rote learning has created a generation that lacks critical thinking. Intolerance is rife, causing the poor, displaced, or disabled to be marginalised. The region is desperate for good leadership and role models.

SAT-7 ACADEMY’s educational and social impact programming will equip children, parents, and teachers with a holistic education; learning to think critically, challenge ideas, and look for solutions. With its specially designed programs, the channel will empower people to make their own choices, encouraging an appreciation for the diversity of the region, helping viewers embrace and celebrate their differences.

“We don’t have teachers in this camp. Will you teach me how to teach my children? I want them to learn more than I know.” – From a Syrian refugee in Jordan


SAT-7 ACADEMY provides education, health and well-being, and human rights to Arabic speakers across the region. The channel relies completely on donations and the generosity of supporters.

It costs less than R25 to bring life-changing education to one viewer, 24/7, for an entire year! Give now and be a part of bridging the gap to change the future of the Middle East and North Africa.