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November 2018

At SAT-7 we are passionate about making God’s love visible across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), constantly striving to improve the quality of our programming and grow our audience. Here we outline some of the strategic goals we are focusing on over the next five years in order to have an even greater impact in the region.

 Our priority is making God’s love visible through excellent and inspiring programming. We believe that this can change the world.

“In the midst of all the challenges and bad news reports in the MENA region, we want to share something different – God’s good news and hope,” explains Rita Elmounayer, Chief Channels Officer and SAT-7 CEO Designate. “We constantly seek more engaging and creative ways to communicate the Gospel. We want to use our platforms to tell inspiring stories of triumph and victory, tackle practical challenges people are facing, and support them in all areas of their lives. Most importantly, we want people to grow in faith in Jesus Christ.”

• Viewers relate more to on-screen personalities than specific channels, so we will continue to invest in emerging talent and individuals who embody our values. For our viewers, these hosts and characters are not just the face of SAT-7 but the face of the Gospel.

• We will address issues of education, health, and human rights through social impact programming on all channels.

• We will continue to assess and improve the quality of our programs, ensuring they focus on specific groups of viewers and their needs.

 SAT-7 is committed to continuous improvement and delivering on our mission. We want to carry out reliable research to evaluate our impact and respond to our audience’s needs and preferences.

 More and more people across the MENA are watching television in High Definition (HD). As HD televisions and channels become cheaper and more accessible, we must move to HD in order to continue to engage our current audience and attract new viewers.

As we pursue bold goals over the next five years, we need to increase our income to support our growing ministry.

Over the past few years, we have expanded the number of our channels and invested in new equipment, but our budgets have barely kept pace with inflation. We are currently held back from producing many of the new programs we need for the amazing opportunities we have,” shares David Middleton, Chief Development Officer. “We urgently require increased income in order to achieve our ministry goals and to continue to faithfully broadcast the message of God’s love to those who desperately need it.”