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Sat. April 1 – From a viewer in Iran – My husband and I visited our families, and now we are in danger because of our faith in Christ. My brother-in-law is aggravating other family members against us. I’m filled with fear and need your prayers.
Sun. April 2 – Support for MENA Parents – Ask God to guide each step of the development of social media and television resources to aid parents in raising thoughtful, educated children.
Mon. April 3 – NETWORK Attendees – Give thanks to God for His guidance and assistance of the SAT-7 staff during SAT-7’s annual conference NETWORK 2017. Give thanks for those who attended and pray the inspiration and information they received will move them to join even more fully in the ministry.
Tues. April 4 – Financial Shortfall – As two annual donors are unable to fulfill their giving plans this year and a government is holding up another gift, pray for others to fill this $2 million financial gap.
Wed. April 5 – Speak Up Program on SAT-7 ARABIC – pray for this new call-in talk show of real-life stories that encourages viewers facing hard family situations, addictions, and other social issues.
Thurs. April 6 – One Kitchen, One Story Program on SAT-7 TÜRK – As the host visits homes of Armenian, Greek, and Syrian women to learn their recipes and to discuss their challenges as Christian women, pray this program will strengthen the Turkish Christian community.
Fri. April 7 – From a viewer in Egypt – We had to flee from our home with only a few belongings. Pray for me to get a job, for my children to stop having nightmares, and for a new hometown.
Sat. April 8 – From a viewer in Iran – We were desperate for money, so my husband sold some drugs. Now he is in prison with a death penalty. Pray for my husband, our children, and our faith.
Sun. April 9 – Safety for Churches – As congregations prepare this week for Easter celebrations, ask God to keep them safe and protect their people and property from attacks.
Mon. April 10 – Hiring Freeze, Production Freeze – Earnestly seek God’s help to be able to lift the freeze on hiring new staff and on producing new programs.
Tues. April 11 – SAT-7 KIDS – Pray that as children viewers watch the SAT-7 KIDS programs about Easter, that they will understand the story of Jesus and be moved to have a deeper relationship with Him.
Wed. April 12 – Syria and Iraq – Plead with God to protect Christians and other innocent people caught between warring factions, and plead for an end to abductions and killing.
Thurs. April 13 – Audience Relations Teams – Pray for God to give wisdom and discernment to those answering audience requests. Ask Him to use them to guide inquirers to God’s own word.
Fri. April 14 – Good Friday – Ask that many viewers realize today for the first time the meaning of the cross, accept Christ’s sacrifice for their sins, and experience the peace of uniting with Christ.
Sat. April 15 – From a viewer in Kurdistan – My brothers and I have had many setbacks with health and jobs, so it is hard to provide for our families. Pray for solutions to our problems.
Sun. April 16 – Easter – Rejoice that Christ rose from the grave and secures eternal life with a loving Father for everyone who believes in his heart and confesses with his lips the Jesus is Lord.
Mon. April 17 – Christian Service – “…let us not grow weary in well-doing, for in due season we shall reap, if we do not lose heart.” (Gal. 6:9) Ask God to refresh those serving refugees and others in need.
Tues. April 18 – Emergency Contributions – Pray that enough funds will come to SAT-7 by April 30, that no staff layoffs or reduction in live programs will be required.
Wed. April 19 – Shining God’s Light – As SAT-7 shines the light of Christ into dark, troubled places in the MENA region, pray viewers recognize Christ and give thanks to the Father per Matthew 5:16.
Thurs. April 20 – SAT-7 ACADEMY - Celebrate the vision for an educational channel for children, parents, and teachers to learn academic and critical thinking skills. Pray for its successful launch.
Fri. April 21 – From a viewer in Egypt - I have watched your programs and have read the Gospel of John. I believe Christ’s love but need more instruction. Please help me.
Sat. April 22 – From a viewer in Morocco – I have migraine headaches all the time and am scared of a surgery that is coming up. Pray for God to heal me and to give me His peace you talk about.
Sun. April 23 – Smart Phone Apps – Submit SAT-7’s Android and iOS apps to the Holy Spirit for Him to use to make God’s love visible to many.
Mon. April 24 – Resurrection Baptist Church Services on SAT-7 ARABIC – Thank God that these live telecasts from Beirut show the power of a praying church and a diverse community united in worship.
Tues. April 25 – Safe Place for Children – Give thanks to God for the outpouring of comments of Christian and non-Christian parents saying they feel their children are safe watching SAT-7 KIDS.
Wed. April 26 – Financial Needs – Give a boost of prayer for badly-needed donations to reach SAT-7 by the end of April for all channels to continue to meet their expenses.
Thurs. April 27 – Persecution – Seek God’s comfort and healing for those threatened, injured, suffering, imprisoned, chased from homes, or grieving for family members who have been killed.
Fri. April 28 – From a viewer in Yemen – I love Christ’s religion because it has forgiveness and love. Do we have this religion in Yemen? Pray I can meet Christians and know more about Christ.
Sat. April 29 – From a viewer in Syria – Ask God to provide a safe country that will accept my wife and five children and me. We would like to go home some day when conditions change.
Sun. April 30 - The Secret of Life Program on SAT-7 PARS – Praise the Lord that this program is reaching hard-to-reach people in Afghanistan. Ask that viewers are kept safe as they share their new life in Christ.