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Mon. 1 May – Social Media Development – Seek God’s inspiration for the staff working on SAT-7 social media platforms to be equipped to reach and help viewers, so they may be informed and empowered by the programs they are watching through these platforms.
Tues. 2 May – Believers in Captivity – Fervently pray for two regular callers to SAT-7 who were arrested by Iranian secret agents. The callers’ current location is unknown. Pray for their safety, protection from physical abuse, faithfulness, witness, and release.
Wed. 3 May – SAT-7 ACADEMY – Ask God to provide all of the personnel, financial, technical, and creative needs to launch the new SAT-7 educational channel for children, parents and teachers.
Thurs. 4 May – H2O Web Series – Ask that the Holy Spirit empower this series of short segments on essentials of Christian faith, so they lead to clear understanding of Bible principles.
Fri. 5 May – From a viewer in Syria – We are in the midst of the fire. Pray for our overwhelming problems, for the people victimized in this war, and for me and my family to find a way out.
Sat. 6 May – From a viewer in Algeria – I want to be your friend because there are no Christians where I live, and neighbors don’t like Christian people. Pray for me to have Christian fellowship.
Sun. 7 May – Aftermath of Tragic Events – SAT-7 ARABIC staff interviewed witnesses and broadcast messages of hope after Palm Sunday church bombings in Egypt. Seek clear guidance from God for staff members as they deal with any future painful situations such as these.
Mon. 8 May – SAT-7 KIDS YouTube – Celebrate that there were over 3.5 million views of programs on the SAT-7 KIDS YouTube channel in 2016 and over 11,000 shared videos. Pray that God increases the viewership and even more young lives are touched and transformed by these programs.
Tues. 9 May – Budget – Bring to God SAT-7’s need for crucial funds for program production, satellite channel time, staff salaries, physical facilities, and audience response centres.
Wed. 10 May – Insiders Program on SAT-7 PARS – Ask the Holy Spirit to draw thousands of Iranian and Afghani women to this live program where they will learn biblical ways to handle daily life situations.
Thurs. 11 May – SAT-7 TÜRK Audience Relations – Give thanks for the live programs on SAT-7 TÜRK and the 35% increase in the number of calls to the shows in the past year. Thank God for this channel that offers messages of comfort and hope during these times of unrest in the country.
Fri. 12 May – From a viewer in Egypt – I was impacted by “I Have Hope”. It show people who met Jesus, I cried to God to change my life and asked for forgiveness. (Pray for this new believer’s growth.)
Sat. 13 May – From a viewer in Iran – My parents divorced. I was a mother when I first met my biological mother. Now my whole family trusts Jesus. Pray for my depression and my financial debt.
Sun. 14 May – Government Relations – Ask God’s help for SAT-7 to have continuous positive relationships with local and national government officials in areas they serve.
Mon. 15 May – Women and War New Program – Pray for the film crew visiting dangerous parts of the region and speaking to women who have suffered tremendous losses from the conflicts and war in their countries. Pray that God gives the crew guidance to be a comfort and a witness to these women, as they share their stories of pain and suffering with SAT-7.
Tues. 16 May – Spiritual Hunger – Praise God that SAT-7 is ideally positioned an equipped to meet the increasing Middle East hunger for truth, change, and spiritual peace.
Wed. 17 May – Add To My Calendar Program on SAT-7 TÜRK – Pray this weekly live program will encourage viewers to attend announced church events and to read books that are reviewed on air.
Thurs. 18 May – Inquirers – Because it is dangerous to contact SAT-7 from some places in the region, ask for courage and protection for each person who needs to call or to write in secret to SAT-7.
Fri. 19 May – From a viewer in Turkey – It is hard to talk about my long addiction. Jesus freed me two years ago. I’m not yet who God wants me to be, but pray I can someday share my testimony.
Sat. 20 May – From a viewer in Tajikistan – Pray for the physical and financial needs of a Christian midwife who hopes to open a shelter to help young women in trouble.
Sun. 21 May – School of Christ new season – Pray for the new season of this wonderful SAT-7 ARABIC program which offers a complete curriculum in discipleship to Arabic-speaking audiences. Pray that viewers will be moved to dedicate their lives and be of service to God through this program.
Mon. 22 May – Dubbing Teams – Ask God to bless those who translate programs into Arabic, Farsi, or Turkish for SAT-7 and who are the unseen voices on animated programs.
Tues. 23 May – ARABIC Facebook Views – Give thanks for almost 19 million video views on SAT-7 ARABIC’s Facebook site in a year’s time. Pray they will lead to transformed lives.
Wed. 24 May – SAT-7 PARS Satellites – Lift to God the need for this channel on an additional satellite to reach many thousands more Farsi-speaking people.
Thurs. 25 May – “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore, we will not fear….”
(Psalm 46:1,2) Pray SAT-7 will point many viewers to God’s help in their trials.
Fri. 26 May – From a viewer in Iran – Praise God our son has come home, but my husband, our daughter, and I are suffering because of his addiction. Pray for him to give his life to Jesus.
Sat. 27 May – From a viewer in an undisclosed location - I trained with Al Qaeda and watched SAT-7 at the same time. My suicide mission failed, and I fled. I was given a Bible and gave my life to Christ. Give thanks Jesus’ sacrifice overcame even my sins of murder and hate.
Sun. 28 May – Women’s Rights – Rape, honour killings, female genital mutilation, and child marriages continue in parts of the MENA region. Pray for a stop to these abusive practices.
Mon. 29 May – SAT-7 KIDS Audience Response Teams – Ask the Holy Spirit to give the right, age-appropriate words to those answering inquiries from SAT-7’s youngest viewers.
Tues. 30 May – From Me to You Program on SAT-7 ARABIC – Pray this youth program with Bible readings, music videos, and a weekly topic will help teens resist radicalization and turn to God.
Wed. 31 May – Martyrs – Offer prayers for God’s comfort for survivors of violence and the families of those who have been killed in the past year while serving or worshipping the Lord.